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Gad Guard Community

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This is a community for fans of the new anime series "Gad Guard." There aren't many of us, but dammit, the series is cool enough to merit some discussion. KTHNXBAI.


1. MARK YOUR SPOILORS, some of us are cursed with slow connections and can't get the episode until 2480932859183058 years after it's put online.

2. Please LJ-Cut any spoilors, fanfiction or fanart.

3. Fanworks are all accepted! Anything goes. Just mark what's in it (porn, slash, fairy godmothers, etc). Maybe little children will be reading this, after all.

4. Don't make posts dedicated just to asking for something. If you want a certain mp3, tag the request onto the end of an intelligent post. Everyone will love you better.

5. We discuss Gad Guard. Not what you ate for breakfast. :O Off-topicness is discouraged.
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