Katie (kawaii_katie) wrote in gadguard,

Gad Guard!!! Woot

I love this show! And I'm so glad I found this group!
Anyways, I'm a Katana girl! 'snow melts the heart' is my fav.
Uhm, for starters, here's a fiction I made for the show-one of my favorite characters. Katana and Sayuri. It's not very good, I don't spend as much time on it as my other fics! >.<

Title: Only the Lonely
Author: Me(Mahi-Mahi)
Rating: M
Summary: ...she loved him. And as young as she was, she knew what she felt for him was no longer as innocent as it should have been...How will Katana handle a growing up Sayuri? AUish
Gad Guard - Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5773 - Reviews: 7

Well-I'm happy to be here!
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