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OK, so, I realize this is pretty pointless, and all. And I've been debating with myself(because it's always fun to argue with one's self), whether or not to join.

BUT it's too late now, my more evil side won out and here I am making the obligatory, "Hi, my name is Crys, I like Gad Guard," post.

I really have nothing to contribute. But I would like to say this is a very underrated anime. And there's not enough stuff on the internet(that I can find mind you), about it.

I have seen ALL 26 episodes. Didn't really like the way it ended, but it ended all the same.

Favorite character = Katana

Favorite Gad = Zero

Favorite....wait...was there anything else on the show?! lol j/k

The music was good, the anime in general was good, even though at times, I wanted to throw the remote at the television for lack of plot in an episode. But we all get over that if we really like the anime. AND I really liked the anime.

I think that's enough for now. Again, this was really pointless seeing as this place has been dead for a while, but again, more evil side won(dang!you!more!evil!side!). >.<

So, anyway... later later o_O
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